BelMaker Light ®
The lightweight portable version of our in-house application BelMaker is now available free of charge .

Functioning as a desktop application, BelMaker Light® provide the possibility of changing location and running in an offline environment.
Modules such as Catalogue, Online enquiries and a variety of assistant tools makes BelMaker Light® a valuable resource for the working engineer.

Although functioning as an offline application, the program will check for updates and synchronize data and program logic whenever an internet connection is available.

System requirements
OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (not tested on older versions)
Framework: .NET 4.0 or newer

BelMaker Light® uses the embedded browser WebView2 to show online resources.
WebView2 should be installed automatically. If this is not the case, the installation of the component can be done manually using this installer.